Sponsor or Donate a Puppy For A Deserving Student

Often the largest initial cost for future students is the purchase of a professionally bred, AKC certified puppy. IDEA’s volunteers do extensive research and vetting of prospective breeders, and perform temperament testing on entire litters of puppies to identify the best match for the student’s requirements.

Our organization is also educated in modern puppy enrichment techniques, and helps educate breeders about these activities.

Provide Tuition Costs For A Deserving Student

Your modest monthly pledge can help cover the monthly fees we charge for the small group classes, instructor-led field trips, and any private additional tutoring that may be required.

Cover Veterinary Care For These Special Dogs

Regular veterinary visits, vaccinations, canine illnesses and dental care can be formidable for a disabled person. Your monetary gift can make a tremendous difference to our students.

Veterinarians may also donate their services to our students, or provide reduced costs to ensure that the dogs get the care that they require. ‘

There are several ways you can help a student

Donate any amount

When you click on the Donate button you will be taken to a secure site where you can donate any amount from $1.00 – Up.

Make a recurring donation

By signing up for a recurring monthly donation, you can have an amount of your choice automatically charged to your credit card each month.

When would you like this donation to recur:

How many times would you like this to recur? (including this payment):

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Donate a puppy (Breeders only)

Breeders may donate a puppy (or puppies) to ISD and receive valuable tax considerations as allowed by the federal and state laws where they reside. Or offer a puppy at a reduced fee. ISD Board and volunteers can provide temperament evaluations for entire litters for these breeders and has done so many times over the last several years. Breeders need not be local to the DFW area.

Donate veterinary services (veterinarians only)

Veterinarians can provide valuable services to our students’ for their dogs. By offering reduced fees, the veterinarian will be helping a disabled student to provide necessary and often out-of-reach critical care for their life-changing assistance dogs. Puppies may be secured by ISD for future students, and veterinarian care for these puppies can be donated.