Apply Now

Before proceeding, please note that we offer training for specific situations only. See our Home Page for specifics.

Application Process

Step 1:

Provide us with a brief description of your disability and what you want to accomplish with a service dog via a message through the “Contact” section of this website. Also include the city and zip code where you reside. The form provides a place for your cell phone number and email address as well.

Step 2:

A representative from our organization will contact you promptly via phone to perform a brief interview. If it is determined that you are an appropriate candidate for the program, please move to Step 3.

Step 3:

Complete the application below electronically and submit it by selecting the “Submit” icon. You will receive a copy of your Application via automatic email from us after submittal. If you would like us to consider a puppy or dog that you already own, the end of application will guide you through the process of providing information about your dog.

Step 4:

IDEA personnel will arrange for a personal meeting between one or more IDEA board members and the applicant, applicant’s spouse/parent/other potential co-trainer and your dog (if applicable.)

Step 5:

An IDEA board member will conduct a visit to the home of the applicant. All household members should be present.

Step 6:

The IDEA board of directors will evaluate your application and notify you of your status within a reasonable timeframe.

Step 7:

Puppy search, if applicable, will commence after applicant acceptance.

Step 8:

Applicant will review and complete student information and waivers and return them promptly. These will be transmitted to applicant via electronic mail and may be returned electronically or via US Mail. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 87, Argyle, TX 76226.

Step 9:

Collection of initial student fees will be due after acceptance.